It was the words of another on WordPress that helped me to relax about this very stressful experience, So I decided to share mine.  My first PICC line was placed about two weeks ago and I can say that I worried for nothing.  The Radiologist and his Assistant were very fast but precise and the only thing I felt was the “bee sting” of the Lidocaine.  I don’t have any pain at the site where my line goes in (inner side of arm near elbow) or any trouble doing the infusions myself at home.  I had two different nurses that called on me and each had a bit of different instruction so I did have to do some research on that to be sure I was doing the correct method of filling the line with the Lactaid Ringers bag before connecting to my picc line so that I would reduce the amount of air bubbles going into my vein.   My treatments go for about 5 1/2 hours plus set up time, so it does take up a good part of my days.  The antibiotics (Ceftriaxone  and Azithromycin) are provided in these balls that are pressure packed so they don’t need to be prime or hung on a IV pole.  Having a pocket handy are good for these so you can get around, do some chores, pick up your child from school etc.  I had my first herx at the end of the first week and into the first part of the second week. The herx played out in the way of some pretty intense pain in my fibromyalgia areas.  My right shoulder over the front of my chest (clavicle) and right side of neck with lymph nodes, lumbar part of back and both hips.  My DR. gave me Hydrocodone/Acetaminophen   (sp) 7.5 and if definitely relieved some pain but also makes my heart race, hyperactivity, jitters, ADD and unable to concentrate even more.  I am having a hard time typing, my speed had slowed down to half and I keep hitting the wrong keys.